The Morning Line: Nampa, Day 1


  • Chase Outlaw needs points to stay on tour and Smoke Wagon has the ability to help him place in the round.
  • Joao Ricardo Vieira got one of the best draws in Round 1 in Gentleman Jim.
  • J.B. Mauney returns to competition this weekend and will face a tough test in Mr. Clark in Round 1.

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Morning Line - Nampa Round 1:

Chase Outlaw on 011 Smoke Wagon:

This bull is well within the capabilities of most riders here, but he’s got a dash of unpredictability and he can change his timing here and there. Outlaw is right on the bubble, and needs points. This bull could put him on the right track for this weekend.

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Joao Ricardo Vieira on 27 Gentleman Jim:

Gentleman Jim is one of the best draws in this round, and he’s especially good for left-handed riders. Vieira is solid on bulls that go into his hand, and he could get 86-87 points out of this. The last two times Gentleman Jim was ridden this year it was for second in a round each time.

Lachlan Richardson on 917 Pound the Alarm:

This is a rematch from Kansas City where Richardson won the short round on this bull. Pound the Alarm is one of the best long-round bulls we will see here. He’s been much better for right-handed riders throughout his career, but he’s a little trickier than your everyday bull that spins to the right. Richardson could win the round if he can ride this bull for a second time.

Cooper Davis on 078 Grandpa Joe:

Grandpa Joe has been ridden in six of his last seven outs, but the one guy who didn’t stay on in that stretch was Cooper Davis. Davis has bucked off this bull three times this season, but this is a matchup that Davis really should win almost every time. Grandpa Joe doesn’t really have any tricks, and almost everyone gets him started. He goes to the left, but he’s given up and equal number of scores to right-handed riders.

Kaique Pacheco on 927 Say Goodbye:

J.B. Mauney rode this bull at the 2015 Built Ford Tough World Finals for 86.5 points, and the very next rider he faced was Pacheco in Chicago, the first event of this season. Pacheco scored 79 points with an option and took the re-ride. This bull goes to the right, which should be good for Pacheco, but Mauney and Pacheco are the only guys who have stayed on him in 25 career outs.

Ty Pozzobon on 7 Phantom:

We haven’t seen Pozzobon on tour since the 2014 World Finals, but that doesn’t mean he’s been struggling. He’s dealt with injuries, but when he’s been able to go he’s ridden very well. He’s ridden over 50% of the bulls he’s been on since his last BFTS appearance. Since the beginning of August he’s been on a good run, and he won the PBR Monster Energy Canada Tour event in Abbotsford, British Columbia, just last week. We don’t know much about this bull, but he has three outs on record and was ridden once in July by Cody Campbell. Pozzobon is riding as well as anyone here at the moment, and he should handle this bull.

J.B. Mauney on 942 Mr. Clark:

Mauney is coming back off an injury here, and he’s drawn one of the more difficult bulls in the round. Mr. Clark has been around since 2012, and he has turned in 80 outs in his career while giving up only six rides. He’s 14-3 at the BFTS level. There’s nothing eye catching about this bull - he doesn’t look like a bull that should get the best of Mauney, but his record does demand respect. Mauney could do well here, but it won’t be a day off for him.

Tanner Byrne on 109 Long Hair:

Byrne has been off his game through the second half of the season, but he could get things turned around here. Long Hair only has two BFTS outs, but he’s been ridden four times in his last five outs counting Touring Pro Division events.

Stormy Wing on -915 Hammer Down:

This is a really good bull. Brant Atwood had him in Colorado Springs, and didn’t make the whistle. Cody Nance rode him in a TPD event over the summer. He went to the right with Nance, and had a lot of up and down. He’ll be a test for Wing, but could be worth a lot of points as well.

Silvano Alves on 807 Cowtown Slinger:

Alves is coming off a win last week, and he got a fantastic draw to get started with here. Cowtown Slinger goes to the left and has a lot of speed and great timing. Alves has been on him three times, and got two scores out of it. The one buckoff happened at 7.33 seconds. It’s safe to say Alves feels pretty comfortable with this bull.

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