The Morning Line: Nampa, Day 2


  • Chase Outlaw has a chance to go 2-for-2 when he takes on Right Turn Clyde in Round 2.
  • Eduardo Aparecido has ridden La Malta before, but it was a tough task that will be a challenge to repeat.
  • Lachlan Richardson will have a tough time against American Sniper if he wants to get another ride.

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NAMPA, Idaho – Sunday afternoon of the DeWalt Guaranteed Tough Invitational, presented by Ariat, will feature Round 2 and the Built Ford Tough Championship Round.

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Chase Outlaw on 326 Right Turn Clyde:

Outlaw may convert here and end up in the top spot going into the short round. This bull will probably go away from his hand, but that may not be enough to unseat the Round 1 winner. This is one of the nicer draws in the round.

Eduardo Aparecido on 31 La Malta:

Aparecido rode this bull in Springfield, Missouri, for 86 points, but it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. La Malta has a little power, and he’s relatively unpredictable. He almost had Aparecido right at the whistle in their last matchup, and Aparecido will have to work hard to get him ridden this time.

Troy Wilkinson on 1974 Pile Driver:

These two met in Colorado Springs just last week, and Wilkinson nearly made the whistle. This isn’t an easy bull because he has some forward movement, but Wilkinson does have a decent chance at a second score here.

Shane Proctor on A10 Big Dirty:

Proctor picked up a score and some points last night, and he’s likely to get another one here. Big Dirty has only been ridden once in ten career outs, but he’s easier to ride than those numbers suggest. Mike Lee scored 86 points on him in Springfield, and if he has the same trip here Proctor will coast into the short round 2-for-2.

Stormy Wing on 711 Stars & Stripes:

Stars and Stripes is similar to the bull Aparecido has in this round. He’s a little heavier and slower than average, and he’s unpredictable. He’s been ridden four times in six BFTS outs, and Wing will probably get the fifth ride on him today.

Nathan Burtenshaw on 12 Crossfire:

Crossfire has been one of the tougher bulls in the PBR in the past, and he’s been in the running for World Champion Bull before. He’s past his prime at this point in his career, but he’s still a handful. He is better suited for a right-handed rider, and that’s why Burtenshaw has a shot here. There is nothing easy about Crossfire, and riding him will be a grind, but Burtenshaw has shown some grit since he’s been on tour.

Lachlan Richardson on 058 American Sniper:

Richardson may run into trouble trying to follow up on last night’s success. He’s had this bull twice before and he bucked off both times. American Sniper’s strength plays to the weakness in Richardson’s riding style, and while he is not the most difficult bull out tonight, he isn’t a good fit for Richardson either.

Dakota Buttar on 922 Modified Clyde:

This is one of the best bulls in the round in every respect. He produces good scores, he’s a solid veteran and a good draw. The riders like him a lot, but he’s not a pushover to ride. He can spin either way, and he’s just as good in either direction, which is a rare thing. Buttar has a chance to get a round win here, but he’ll have to be perfect. Modified Clyde is not very tolerant of mistakes.

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