The Morning Line: Oklahoma City, Round 2


  • Valdiron de Oliveira looks for his ninth consecutive ride when he faces Tan Lines.
  • Jose Vitor Leme has a good matchup against Set 'em Up Joe.
  • Dener Barbosa will have his hands full against Wild Sky's.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Lots of interesting matchups on tap today. Some of the guys who did well on Saturday night drew tougher bulls today, and the event is still very much up for grabs.

Round 2 Matchups

Claudio Montanha on +219 Blue Stone:

This is a rock-solid bull who can go either way and looks good regardless of which way he goes. He’s also rideable. Cooper Davis was 90 points on him at the World Finals, and Jess Lockwood was 90.5 points on him at the Calgary Stampede last summer. He’s given up nine rides in 25 career outs. This bull originally hails from Canada, and if he and Montanha left their hometowns to come here at the same time, Montanha would reach Oklahoma City first by a slim margin, but only because he would be in an airplane and Blue Stone would not.

Jose Vitor Leme on 00 Set ‘Em Up Joe:

Set ‘Em Up Joe is a good example of a bull that truly belongs on The 25th PBR: Unleash The Beast. He’s seriously difficult except against the very best riders he’s faced, and he’s 14-12 against them. He’s been around the PBR since 2014, and he’s never given up more than three rides in a year. He’s a good draw for Leme, but not an easy one. He can move forward in the spin, change directions, and he can test even the most talented guys.

Dener Barbosa on 738 Wild Sky’s

Barbosa has had his way with nearly every bull he’s had so far this season, but he may not be able to put it in cruise control today. Wild Sky’s definitely has a wild streak. He’s unpredictable in every way except one – he has a lot of up and down. Stetson Lawrence rode him in Thackerville, Oklahoma, last September on what may have been the most conventional trip of the bull’s career. Lawrence is also the only guy who has managed to get the job done. This is a bull that has so much up and down that any break in rhythm is enough to shed even the most competent rider.

Eduardo Aparecido on Z3 Swamp Wreck:

Aparecido should be a favorite to win this matchup. Swamp Wreck is a great draw. He’s not a pushover, but he can be ridden, and Aparecido is more than talented enough to pull it off. This bull is similar to Set ‘Em Up Joe in that his only real weakness is against the very best riders.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 361 Hedoo:

This may be the easiest bull to ride in today’s round, but the downside for Vieira is that he typically goes to the right and he’s hasn’t been quite as easy for left-handed riders. Hedoo is one of the better draws in the business right now because not only is he ridden regularly, but he also produces high scoring rides. The average rider score on him is nearly 88 points.

Fabiano Vieira on Y1 Crazy Days:

Vieira and this bull have been around for a long time, and they’ve met twice before in 2015. Vieira won both matches. This was early in the bull’s career, and he currently hasn’t been ridden since last June. He also hasn’t faced a high-level lefty since then. His streak should end today.

Cody Campbell on -247 Red Bandana:

Campbell didn’t get a score last night, but this is the kind of bull that could carry him to a round win and on to the championship round. Stormy Wing posted big scores on Red Bandana at both the World Finals and the Global Cup. This isn’t going to be an easy bull to ride, but he’s far from impossible and Campbell definitely has a shot.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 351 Tan Lines:

Oliveira has ridden every bull he’s been on this season, but he’s up against a tough test here. Tan Lines is unridden in 12 career outs and for good reason. He was a solid ABBI Classic competitor last season, and he has a lot of kick. Oliveira is a strong rider, and he’s made a career of manhandling bulls in a style that wouldn’t work for a weaker or slighter built guy. His weakness shows itself when he faces a bull that can overpower him, and this bull has the potential to do it.

Derek Kolbaba on 801 Big Dutch:

This bull is almost a dream matchup for any left-handed rider. He was ridden twice for upwards of 90 points at the World Finals, and he goes to the left consistently. Kolbaba bucked off of him back in September in Springfield, but he still has a shot here.

Stetson Lawrence on 206 Finding Jesus:

Lawrence is 2-for-2 on this bull, with both matchups coming last year. This is a cool little bull, who is reminiscent of Julio Moreno’s bull Roy from a few years ago. He’s fast and he drifts once he’s in a spin. He’s a step easier than Roy was because left-handed riders have had a lot of success against him.

Jess Lockwood on 631 Joe Blow:

Lockwood will have his hands full here. Joe Blow is unridden in 27 career outs. He’s consistently unpredictable. Sometimes he’s just hard to ride, and other times he’s an absolute beast. He’s faced a lot of top tier riders and he’s bested them all. Lockwood needs a big event, but he’s got to get past this bull to get there today.

Dakota Buttar on 279 Bottoms Up:

Buttar was bested by this bull in 2016, but this is a very rideable bull for left-handed riders. He’s a strong spinner like Swamp Wreck and Set ‘Em Up Joe, but he’s a step easier than those two. Buttar already has a score from Round 1, and another one here would put him in a great position.

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