The Morning Line: Milwaukee Round 1


  • Pacheco may have an easier time holding off challengers this week.
  • Chase Outlaw returns from injury and has a good draw here.
  • Look for a lot of rides in round one.

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Milwaukee Round 1

Last week in Austin, world No. 1 Kaique Pacheco drew two tough bulls and came down on both of them. His closest competitors made the most of the situation by closing the gap on him. Riders two through five in the standings all did very well in Austin.

Here in Milwaukee, Pacheco has again been outdrawn by the guys chasing him, but to a lesser degree. In Round 1, Pacheco has something of an unknown bull, and in the 15/15 round he has a difficult one, but so does everyone else. The overall pen of bulls here won’t be as strong as last week, and that will change the dynamic of this event. We’ll see more qualified rides, and Pacheco having a lesser-known bull is better than having an extremely difficult bull to start the event with.

Round 1:

Look for a lot of qualified rides in the opening round. When there are a lot of rides it’s really important to have a bull that can produce at least 87 points to have a chance to win or place high in the round. You can expect at least 8 or 9 rides in the 84 to 86-point range tonight.

Derek Kolbaba on 100 Nailed:

Kolbaba just rode this bull a couple of weeks ago in Fairfax, Virginia, for 87.25 points. Nailed has been ridden seven times in his last 10 outs going back to January.

J.B. Mauney on 1339 All the Way Up:

All the Way Up was the first bull Mauney got on this season, and he was 87.25 points on him in New York. The last two guys to face this bull got qualified rides on him, and Mauney has an excellent chance here.

Dakota Buttar on 60-3 Inferno:

Buttar was 90 points on this bull in Columbus, Ohio, back in April. Inferno is one of the better point-producing bulls available in Round 1, but he’s not one of the easiest.

Claudio Montanha on Z26 Acting Crazy:

Montanha has a great opportunity to hammer away at Pacheco’s lead with this draw. Acting Crazy is one of the highest-scoring bulls available in this round, and Montanha is 2-for-3 on him including a 90.75-point ride earlier this season in Columbus, Ohio.

Chase Outlaw on A61 Switch Hitter:

This is a good draw for Outlaw to make his comeback on. Switch Hitter is good to ride, and has been ridden in about half his outs at this level. He should go to the left – into Outlaw’s hand.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 125 Catfish John:

This bull is in the long round instead of the 15/15 because he had a terrible trip in Austin last week. This out will probably be the deciding factor as to whether he gets to go to Las Vegas at the end of this month. If Austin was an anomaly and Catfish John returns to his normal form, Oliveira has an inside track to a round win. This is the best bull in the round and he’s good to right-handed riders.

15/15 Round:

Dakota Buttar on 9311 Honey Hush:

Honey Hush is a veteran bull who first saw action in 2012, but he keeps to a light schedule and has been very durable. He will probably go to the left, but in his career he’s 14-1 against left-handed riders. He can mix things up and he never lets a rider get comfortable. Buttar does have a chance here, being left-handed, but give the bull a slight edge in this matchup.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 16B Budakon:

Budakon has been ridden just once in 16 career outs, but it was Oliveira who did it. They met in Oklahoma City in January of this year where Oliveira was 85.5 points. This young bull has gotten better since then, and he may have the advantage here. He’s faced a gauntlet of the world’s best riders since May and he’s beaten them all rather easily.

Derek Kolbaba on 43X Magic Train:

This is an exceptional bull with an odd history. His stats mean almost nothing in any matchup. He can sometimes be a normal short round level bull and these trips account for most of the seven times he’s been ridden. About 20 to 25 percent of the time he’s world class rank, and the only guy who has ridden him on one of those days is Jose Vitor Leme at the World Finals last year. Kolbaba’s chances depend on what we see out of Magic Train today.

Ryan Dirteater on 001 Smooth Operator:

Smooth Operator is 28-0 against left-handed riders, and if you have a short attention span you can chalk up a zero for Dirteater and stop reading right now. Lefties have almost no chance against this bull. However, if you are an optimist, Dirteater is one of the best riders going away from his hand, and he’s pulled off some big upsets before.

Dener Barbosa on 34 Soup in a Group:

This bull can be a good draw in this pen, but more so for a right-handed rider. He’s tougher on lefties, and Barbosa will struggle. Soup in a Group’s normal trip is one and to the right, but occasionally he can have a big, powerful jump or two before coming around, and that makes him more difficult.

Fabiano Vieira on 101 Hydrastar Slinger Jr.:

Veteran smarts and a lot of forward movement make this a tough draw for any rider. Slinger Jr. has been ridden just four times in 68 career outs, and he’s faced every top rider in the game. Vieira will have his hands full here.

Eduardo Aparecido on 444 Big Black:

Aparecido is pretty good on bulls going away from his hand, but after seeing J.B. Mauney take Big Black 7.3 seconds in Springfield it’s hard to imagine any right-handed rider having a chance on this bull right now. He shucked Kaique Pacheco in under two seconds in Fairfax.

Cody Teel on 809 Old Fort Days:

This will be tough for Teel. Old Fort Days likes to go to the right, but he will do just about anything to get rid of a rider, and his success rate is 100% so far. This bull can be quick and powerful, his direction changes are tough to get by, and he can have some forward movement, and none of that is a good fit for a taller rider.

Cooper Davis on 613 The Hard Stuff:

This isn’t a bad draw for Davis. Although Hard Stuff has really only been ridden once when he’s had his normal trip, he does like to go to the right, and Keyshawn Whitehorse nearly rode him in his last out in Fairfax, Virginia.

Cody Nance on 511T Stretch:

Stretch is rideable, but it will take a lot of focus and perfect execution from Nance, and Nance hasn’t been riding his best of late. This bull rewards effort, though, and Nance is never short on effort.

Ramon de Lima on 812 Talking Smack:

Lima has been on this bull twice and ridden him once. He made it nearly seven seconds the other time. Lima is fifth in the world standings and can’t afford to miss this opportunity to get points.

Luciano de Castro on 169 Peep Show:

This bull is one of the better draws in this round, but he’s not nearly as good for a left-handed rider. Peep Show typically goes to the right with a lot of speed, and Castro will have to keep up going away from his hand.

Jose Vitor Leme on 373 Humdinger:

Humdinger has great timing, and that gives Leme a chance here. The big challenge will be can he ride a bull this strong away from his hand. This bull dumped Cooper Davis convincingly in Austin last week.

Claudio Montanha on 806 Speed Demon:

Montanha has been on this bull twice before, and made it just past 4 seconds in one of those trips. Speed Demon is a tough match for every rider. He’s very fast, very unpredictable and usually very bad in the chute. The bull is a strong favorite here.

Kaique Pacheco on Z8/8 Losing My Religion:

This is a really tough bull, and he’s thrown Pacheco off before. However, you could make a case that Pacheco will win the round here. Losing My Religion is vulnerable to right-handed riders, and he’s a better fit for Pacheco than bulls that have a tremendous amount of up and down. This is a bull that most riders don’t like, but Pacheco could surprise everyone here.

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