The Morning Line: Milwaukee Day 2


  • Leme is on a roll and the bull he has today may not be enough to slow him down.
  • Round two matchups favor the bull more often than they did in round one.
  • Pacheco is perfect here so far, and his second round bull is tough but manageable.

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The matchups in the second round lean more towards the bulls than they did last night, so we should see fewer rides here. There are a number of newer, inexperienced bulls that could swing it the other way. In the world standings, Pacheco has held ground, but his biggest threat in Milwaukee is Jose Vitor Leme. Leme looks strong right now.

Round 2 Matchups:

Cooper Davis on 442 Zamperini:

This is a new bull, and he’s unridden in four outs, but Davis might break that streak. Stetson Lawrence had Zamperini in Nashville, and bucked off quickly, but the bull went to the right with him. That would be into Davis’s hand, and we’ve seen Davis ride bulls way stronger than this one.

Gage Gay on 1037 Cooper Tires Brown Sugar:

This will be Brown Sugar’s 110th career out, and his 72nd at the PBR’s premier level. While he’s never been the rankest bull going, he has been one of the all-around best bulls in the sport for a long time. Gay has faced him five times and ridden him twice, and he’s probably happy to have him here. Brown Sugar’s career is nearing its end, and this could be the last year. Gay has a chance to win a round on one of the classiest bulls the PBR has ever seen.

J.B. Mauney on 3167 Mama’s Bad Pet:

This bull has only been ridden twice in 26 career outs, but there’s a catch. He has managed to last that long without ever facing any top tier left-handed rider other than Derek Kolbaba, who rode him 7.4 seconds a few weeks ago. He has a little wild streak, but after a couple of big jumps he should go to the left and be pretty ordinary. Mauney should dominate this matchup and move on to the short round in good shape.

Kaique Pacheco on -412 Magic Mike:

Pacheco answered the bell last night and made good rides in the long round and in the 15/15 – picking up points and maintaining his lead in the world standings. He has a decent, if inexperienced draw here. Magic Mike has only two recorded outs, but Matt Triplett was 86.5 points on him in Fairfax. The bull should go to the left away from Pacheco’s hand, but he’s rideable.

Jose Vitor Leme on 3134 Great Guns:

Leme has a full head of steam right now. He’s ridden his last four bulls in a row, three of those for more than 88 points. He looks as much like the Leme who won the World Finals as he has all season. Great Guns has four career outs and has been ridden twice. Leme should be a huge favorite here.

Colten Jesse on X323 Arctic Assassin:

Jesse has a chance to pick up a second score here, but he’ll have to work for it. This bull is rideable, but he’s a little tricky. He’s likely to go to the right, and he keeps his head low and is always pushing in the direction of the spin. This breaks his timing somewhat. Has to make sure he never gets his weight tipped to the outside of the spin or it will be difficult to catch up.

Ryan Dirteater on 264 Ram It:

This is one of the best draws in the business right now. He produces good scores and gives up qualified rides at about the same rate Flint hands out fan of the night buckles. Dirteater bucked off last night, but this bull will help him get on the board and have a chance at the short round.

Chase Outlaw on B719 Huckleberry:

Outlaw bucked off this bull over the summer at a Touring Pro event, but don’t count on a repeat of that. Huckleberry is a hard-working bull who keeps the pressure on the rider throughout the eight seconds, but he goes to the left with good timing, and Outlaw will easily handle most bulls of this type.

Ramon de Lima on 739 White Dynamite:

Lima bucked off in the first round, but this looks like a good matchup for him to come back on. He rode this bull in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this season for 87.5 points.

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