Montana Silversmiths’ Women of the PBR- #TAKEASECONDLOOK: Kaitlyn Davis

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  • We continue our spotlight series of the Women of the PBR this week as we sit down with Kaitlyn Davis.
  • In this interview, we talk about fashion, business, and more!

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As we push closer to World Finals, we continue our spotlight series of the women who play a variety of important roles in the PBR!

This week, we have a chat with Kaitlyn Davis, Cooper Davis’ wife, about her life, business, and fashion.

KD 1 Hi Kaitlyn, thanks for sitting down with us! To start off, can you tell us where you are from?

Kaitlyn Davis: I am from a town called Orange, Texas, which is about an hour away from where Cooper was born and raised. So we didn’t know each other but we were close by. How did you and Cooper meet originally?

KD: I had a friend that I went to school with that he somehow became friends with. We met at Buffalo Wild Wings and then he chased me around for a couple weeks. And I didn’t know anything about him. I think he loved the fact that I didn’t know who he was, or that he was a cowboy. He had already been to the NFR right before we met and he had won a round and I know now that’s kind of like royalty in the Western world. If you make it to the PBR Finals and the NFR, that’s something to be proud of. So you are one of the girls that really didn’t grow up in Western lifestyle.

KD: No, I’m learning every day. Even though I’m from Texas, that doesn’t mean everybody has an oil rig and a set of cows, you know, we don’t. I was culture shocked to be honest because it’s a whole way of life and people. And it’s different! It’s a lot to take in. I remember when Cooper first got the call to go to the Unleash the Beast tour. When he got called, he was acting like it was this big deal and was real excited about it. And I’m like, “oh my God I’m going to need a pair of cowboy boots.” You know, I cannot show up to this event and all these girls are going to be decked out in all this turquoise and Western gear. So I go and buy these expensive cowboy boots, my first pair of cowboy boots. And I was so proud of them. I show up and all the girls had high heels on. I’m like, I can’t win for losing around here. So I told Cooper, I have got to go buy some more shoes for tomorrow. So I just learned that I wasn’t going to be able to force myself to fit in or wear the Western stuff. I just have to take it as I can and make it my own. So I assume your first PBR event was with Cooper when he got called up?

KD: His first one, I was with him. His lifelong goal was to go to the NFR and he did that. He said, “I want to go to the PBR now.” We were going to get married, we were having a kid, so we switched over to the PBR lifestyle, and when he got that call-up, he won the Touring Pro Finals that use to be in Denver. He won, so then they called him to go to that event. He was really excited. Where was that event?

KD: Nashville. That was our very first one. So you’ve done a lot of really cool things in the last year. Can you tell us a little about Reign Lashes and how that came about and where you are now?

KD: I went to school for marketing, so I knew I wanted to do something to market myself. I wanted to be Kaitlyn, not Cooper’s wife. So I’m like, I’m going to do this and whether it will be successful or not, I don’t know. You know, I’ve never seen lashes done in the Western industry so I’m going to. This is a great opportunity. A great platform. I have Cooper that can market it for me, my platform was growing, social media is huge, and that’s how you get your name out these days. I met with a lady at a production company and she designed these eyelashes, and she said why don’t you design your own packaging, design your own eye lashes, we’ll make you a line and you can sell them in your online boutique. This was before we had gotten married. So I just did one style and I used it to get married in. So then the pictures started flooding in, everyone wanted to know where I got my lashes. One thing led to another and I’m like no clothes, we’re just going to do lashes. Most women didn’t wear eyelashes when I first started coming here. Even I didn’t wear very thick eye lashes. So I’m like this will be pretty cool, let’s do something different. That’s how it came about.

I started it in September of 2016, and I remember Mac got sick in February 2017, so we already had a somewhat successful lash business. We were probably in about 50 stores by that 6 month mark. And Mac got really sick and got diagnosed with that blood disease that was like the cancer. We stayed on the stem cell transplant unit for 4 days, and you’d see so many women, and they’d just keep telling me how beautiful I was with my eyelashes. Even something so simple like eye lashes, you don’t realize until you don’t have them, what a big difference it makes you feel in your confidence. So I said, let’s do something. After seeing the near life/death experience, when you hold your kid and someone tells you he could have cancer, you put your whole life in perspective. Life is not all about eyelashes. But I can take what I know, and I can make a difference somewhere. Let’s go ahead and do a nonprofit. We had it for every pair purchased, we donated a pair to the breast cancer association in the Woodlands, right by where I live. And we did some in MD Anderson. One thing led to another, and I think this really helped skyrocket, when you see people do something that is not all about making money. Because it’s not to me, it’s not to Cooper. Let’s take what we’ve learned at such a young age, and having your kid almost die, and take your experiences that humbled you and taught you, and what’s really important in the world, and make a difference. That’s cool! So for those that follow you on Instagram, there are a lot of moments where you see Cooper mailing out all of your lashes or doing other things to help. How is that from a support perspective for you to see that?

KD: He’s really, really good. I think he did have a hard time at first adjusting to me doing my own thing. Because he came from a world where it’s been all about him, you know. And he wants me to focus on him all the time. And I’m like no, I have to stay home this weekend from the PBR, because I have to do me right now. He does help me. He complains a little along the way, but he’ll deliver all my eye lashes. He goes into the stores, we’ll have these big tubs of like thousands of lashes and he’ll walk into the store. And they know him and they’ll be like, “hey Cooper, come on over here.” And I’m in the car like honking, “hey honey, hurry up.” But he’s good. So what do you do for fun?

KD: I love to work out. I’m in a phase where I just decided that I want to be healthy and work out, and he loves to work out, so it’s something we can do together. We love to travel. We love to do anything together. We’re together all the time. And sure he aggravates me, but we’re together all the time. We don’t fight much because we’re so used to each other. It can be challenging, but I’m thankful for it because what if one day we both have to sit down and get an office job whenever he retires.

KD 2 Let’s move over to the fashion side of it, because it is a big part of your world. What are some things you see trending right now that you really like?

KD: I love black. I love the marble look and mixing black with the metal tones. Like with Montana Silversmiths, I love that you can put this with any outfit. And for me I think that fashion has been a big part of why some people follow me. They love the fashion part of things and it goes back to me realizing I can lead my own way. Most of the messages I got, people are like, “I love that you came into the Western world and you made us realize that you don’t always have to wear turquoise and fringe to feel Western. We can put on a turquoise pair of earrings that aren’t necessarily Western and feel Western.” How would you describe your style?

KD: I think I would say disco ball, because I love anything that sparkles. I’m like a fish, I see something shiny and I’m like, “I need that.” It’s hard, because when we were doing our house, everything was sparkly. So, I don’t know, I wouldn’t really say eclectic. I am to some girls in this world, but to me it’s really not, it’s just me mixed with Cooper. What is your everyday wardrobe like compared to your event wardrobe?

KD: I never wear makeup. I do my makeup and I’m like, “oh wow there you are, I kind of forgot what you look like with makeup on.” I wear no makeup, hair in a bun, because I’m working every day, I’m working out every day. Cooper’s the same way. We don’t get dressed up. And it’s sometimes hard, because people expect me to look a certain way, and I’ll go sometime to a local place and people notice me from Instagram. They’ll be like, you’re the Reign Lashes girl, where are your lashes? And I’m like can I get a break please? I don’t want to be dressed up all the time. So sometimes it’s hard. I feel the pressure a lot. What drew you to the pieces in your Montana Silversmiths collection?

KD: I love that it has every color. So to me, you can wear this piece with anything. And I love the turquoise and the rust colors. And for me, I love silver, so being able to mix in the silver and the gold, I feel like you could wear this with absolutely anything. So I love it. I love that it is not so mainstream Western it’s everything and that’s me. It’s got all the colors. I love it!

KD 3.

You can check out Kaitlyn’s collection with Montana Silversmiths here. Be sure to catch next week’s Montana Silversmiths’ Women of the PBR as we talk with another of the Women of the PBR.


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