Montana Silversmiths’ Women of the PBR- #TAKEASECONDLOOK: Aline Montanha

The Women of the PBR photo shoot. Photo: Clark Marten Photography


  • Rolling into World Finals, we continue to take a look at the PBR from a different angle with the Women of the PBR.
  • In this edition we chat with Aline Montanha.

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As we continue with Finals Week and roll into World Finals, we continue to take a look at the PBR from a different angle with the Women of the PBR.

These ladies play a variety of important role both in front of and behind the scenes.

Today we talk with Aline Montanha, wife of Claudio Montanha Jr., about family, coming to the United States, and fashion.

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PBR.COM: Thanks for joining us today, Aline! To start us off, can you tell us about where you are from?

Aline Montanha: I'm from Pacaembu, São Paulo, Brazil, near where Claudio lived.

PBR.COM: How did you first meet Claudio?

AM: Claudio was already a friend of my brother. They were both competing in bull riding so they traveled together on the weekend. But I had only heard of Claudio when my brother would talk about him at home, I had not yet met him. The first time I saw him, he was at the lake fishing with my brother. I arrived at the lake and I was surprised he was here. And that is how we met.

PBR.COM: What was your first impression of Claudio?

AM: I thought he was handsome when I first saw him. But he did not look at me much, because he was kind of like that because of my brother. But I thought he was handsome.

PBR.COM: What was the first PBR event you attended?

AM: In Brazil it was the Americana and here in the United States it was in Las Vegas, the Last Cowboy Standing.

PBR.COM: How were you introduced to the Western sports world?

AM: I was raised in the interior of São Paulo and there are many rodeo events. And I had a brother who was very good now and then. I always lived in the midst of it. Then my brother became a bull rider. I did not watch him much but I always saw the reports.

PBR.COM: What do you do for fun?

AM: It’s been two years since I came to the United States and I do not have that same routine I had in Brazil, which for me was a bit difficult. But here every day I go to the gym and I like it a lot. I do not listen enough English though, and the staff only speaks English. I help with homework every day with Joao Victor’s school and I like it very much. We ride bikes, play ball, on the weekend Claudio goes to the event. We go to the mall even if I do not understand English. We go to the movies. It is very fun because he wants to go in all the movies. I take him and his friends to the movies and I go along and watch the movie. So I am adapting here and learning a word every day and I like it.

PBR.COM: What is your biggest goal?

AM: Back in Brazil I went to college, graduated, and I was working, selling bank financing and Claudio worked with the computer. He had the dream since childhood to come here to the United States and to be a world champion so I wanted to follow Claudio’s dream. So my goal was that I had to graduate. I wanted to follow the dream, he got to the United States and I came here with him. So if he's happy and my son is happy, I'm happy. I would like to have a store for myself because I love the business of selling and talking to customers. I know one day I'm going back to Brazil and I'm going to have this chance because my family is all there and that's how I think. I want to see Claudio accomplish his childhood dream.

PBR.COM: How does Claudio support your endeavors?

AM: Claudio is a dad, you know, so he supports me a lot at home. He helps me a lot with Joao every day. Joao wakes up at 7 o'clock and Claudio wakes up every day so he helps me a lot with Joao. He helps a lot here at home with different food we want to make. And so we go and help each other in our day-to-day.

PBR.COM: What do you see trending in the fashion industry currently?

AM: Women think they always want to be updated in fashion, like I always want it so it's updated. I think that is good because I have my style I'll feel comfortable with certain clothes and I have a lot of people that follow me and it can sometimes be crazy like when someone direct messages me: “Aline where did you buy those pants, we loved your look.” Or like when I posted the Montana Silversmiths photos, the people in Brazil responded with, “The necklace is beautiful, how much would it be for you to send me one?” I alone have my style so I always like updating and what I feel in.

PBR.COM: What is your favorite jewelry accessory?

AM: Since I became a mother, I do not go without a bracelet or without an earring. In fact I like everything, cannot go without my favorite bracelet and earrings.

PBR.COM: How would you describe your style?

AM: My style is modern American, bold. Like the lady Dory, everything that shines. I also love the color black.

PBR.COM: Describe your style difference between every day and what you wear to an event.

AM: Ah, my day to day. I wake up I put on my gym clothes, we work out then I go back in a bath and put on more comfortable clothes. Staying at home you always wear comfortable clothes. I love to do make up, hair, eyelashes. One thing is that before I go to the event, always try clothes at home.

PBR.COM: Do you have someone you look to in terms of their style?

AM: I do not have a specific reference in a single person but I look at a woman like “look at what beautiful clothes.” If I like and find that it looks good on me because I have my own style, I'll get it. I might find that I loved those pants or I loved that necklace, but do not reference one person.

PBR.COM: How did you select the pieces in your Montana Silversmiths collection?

AM: For me, the pieces are beautiful. I think it is a brand that is sensational, I like all the pieces in it. I think each one is a little different. I really like black and I really like turquoise blue. The pieces that I chose go with everything. It can be used both at night and day-to-day depending on the occasion or the place you go. I like all the pieces but I chose this because I like the blue, I like the silver. I like things that attract attention and can be used with everything.

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You can check out Aline’s collection with Montana Silversmiths here. Be sure to catch next week’s Montana Silversmiths’ Women of the PBR as we talk with another of the Women of the PBR.

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